What happens if you are bitten by a friend’s dog?

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When a friend’s dog bites you, several complications arise. Though you want compensation for your injury, you might worry about the strain on your relationship. Luckily, if they have homeowners’ insurance, there is a good chance it covers your medical costs.

According to Canine Journal, 4.5 million dog bites occur in the US every year. See below for some advice on proceeding with an injury claim after a dog bite.

Use their liability coverage

Usually, homeowners’ insurance does not mention dog bites in the policy. However, since the dog is your friend’s property, it falls under liability coverage. This does not have to go to court. Contact an attorney who can speak to the dog owner’s insurance company for you. Remember that just because it is homeowners’ insurance does not mean the bite has to happen in their home. The coverage is strictly concerned with liability.

Less severe bites

If the injury is not severe, you may want to make a medical insurance claim. In this instance, the insurance company does not care about liability. It will cover the medical expenses regardless of who is at fault or what happened. This is no-fault insurance, and it is the easiest way to receive medical coverage for minor dog bites. Remember that insurance companies will not cover certain dog breeds under a homeowners’ policy. If your friend has one of these dogs and you worry about your safety, ask them about their insurance policy.

Dog bites can lead to serious medical complications. If your friend’s dog bites you, do not panic. Get their insurance information right away and file a claim.