Ohio’s most dangerous intersections for accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Car And Motorcycle Accidents

Many car accidents occur at intersections between two or more streets. These crossings can present danger for drivers and pedestrians.

To stay safe and aware while driving in Ohio, drivers should learn about the most hazardous intersections in the state.

Car accidents at intersections

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a majority of car accidents resulting in injury or death happen within or near intersections. Furthermore, pedestrians and cyclists can be especially vulnerable at intersections. This means drivers should take extra precautions when navigating these areas. Intersections with multiple lanes and turning options can confuse drivers and contribute to the frequency of accidents. It is also crucial that drivers avoid distractions such as texting while operating a vehicle.

Dangerous intersections in Ohio

Some intersections in Ohio are more dangerous than others. The most dangerous intersection in the state is in Columbus at the crossing of Morse Road and Cleveland Avenue. In a five-year period, there were two fatal accidents and three serious injuries at this intersection, as well as 52 minor injuries and 71 crashes.

The intersection at OH 28 and Romar Drive in Miami Township was the second most dangerous in Ohio, with 53 crashes, 39 minor injuries, and 17 serious injuries. There are several hazardous intersections in Columbus, including:

  • Hamilton Road and Livingston Avenue
  • Karl Road and Morse Road
  • Hilliard Rome Road and Renner Road

Cities throughout Ohio, such as Dayton, Toledo and Cleveland, have dangerous intersections also.

Accidents at intersections can lead to injuries and even fatalities. Drivers in Ohio can help make the roads safer by taking extra care at busy intersections.