How is fault determined in Ohio car accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Car And Motorcycle Accidents

Immediately after a car crash, it’s easy to point fingers at the other driver while emotions are high. However, what drivers say after a wreck is not used to determine fault.

To prove fault, the victim must gather enough evidence to prove that someone else was negligent. Fortunately, officials can use many factors to determine responsibility in Ohio car accidents.

Police reports

The primary factor determining fault in an accident is the crash report written by the police. Courts place a lot of value on this document because the officers are often the first ones to arrive and remain impartial. For example, the report may have an officer’s statement that one driver was careless while driving.

State motor vehicle codes

Ohio has a code that establishes the rules surrounding the road. It includes rules establishing judicial decisions in the case of car accidents. For example, if an officer issues a ticket for failing to follow the laws, that could indicate fault. That is because failing to obey laws is a safety hazard. It is akin to negligence. In short, that driver failed to uphold the code and knowingly put others at risk.

Someone in a crash must know what is necessary to prove fault. Knowing the state laws is also helpful. Remember, accusations made by drivers do not carry weight. That is true for insurance claims and courtrooms. Instead, tangible evidence is necessary. These are just some of the documents required to prove fault. They can also use other things besides documents. Anyone trying to prove fault should do more research to see what carries weight in court in Ohio.