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November 2017 Archives

Elements of adoption: The homestudy

Any individual or family who has ever considered adoption has most likely heard of a homestudy. On television and in movies, it is often portrayed as just a simple visit to make sure a house is clean. In reality it is much more than that, and is arguably the most essential element used by professionals to determine adoptive suitability. The homestudy is not only a tool for determining suitable living conditions for a child, but also forces an adoptive family to look within. Doing so allows them to make sure that adoption is a correct fit for the family as a whole.

Inheritance advances

A grandson borrows money from his grandmother. A daughter accepts a family heirloom necklace from her parents. A son receives his father's 1967 Mustang for his 16th birthday. All of them are advised, jokingly or otherwise, "This is coming out of your inheritance." Is this statement true? Can it, in fact, be held by a Probate Court that an heir has already received a portion of his or her inheritance?

How are child custody determinations made?

What is the best interests of the child? It may be a term you have heard related to child custody and child custody determinations. The bests interests of the child standard is used to determine what child custody arrangement is best for a child and is worth parents taking the time to understand. The best interests of the child is the guiding focus whenever child custody decisions are made and involves the consideration of a number of different factors to determine what is in the best interests of the child.

Divorce vs. dissolution: Which is better?

When contemplating the end of your marriage in Ohio, you have two options to choose from: file for the courts to either dissolve your marriage or grant you a divorce. It is important for you to understand the pros and cons of each choice before you pick one. 

November is National Adoption Month, with a focus on teens

When prospective parents in Ohio envision adopting a child, they may be envisioning bringing home a newborn infant. However, there are many older children who are in need of a permanent home and parents, especially teenagers. In fact, currently in the United States, nearly 12,500 children in need of adoptive parents are between the ages of 15 and 17.

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