Reviewing and adjusting a child support order in Ohio

by | May 16, 2019 | family law, Firm News

In Ohio, when a couple ends a marriage, there will still be continuing concerns that must be hashed out. If they share a child, child support could be in dispute for multiple reasons. A common disagreement parents have is how much should be paid in child support. While there will be an order as part of the divorce settlement, the amount that is paid could be changed. For those who are receiving child support payments and those who are paying child support, it is important to understand when there can be a review and adjustment of the child support order and how to handle these complex circumstances.

Either parent has the right to request that the child support order be changed. These will be reviewed every three years from the date on which it was established, or the date when the previous review took place. With a review, a caseworker will examine the income of the parties and decide if the support order should be changed or there should be an addition of health insurance or a change to it. An adjustment refers to the amount paid increasing or decreasing.

In some cases, there can be a review earlier than when three years have passed, if the situation warrants it. That can include when a person who has lost his or her job for at least 30 consecutive days and it is not his or her own fault; or if they have had their gross income reduced by a minimum of 30% for at least six months from circumstances that were not in their control. No matter the situation, a person can have a review every three years.

When there are changes to a person’s financial and personal life, it might be difficult to move forward with the same child support order as is. Fortunately, changes are possible for the paying parent and the custodial parent. If the circumstances are such that a parent needs the order changed, it is important to understand the applicable family law options.