Helping those seeking to modify child support orders in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | family law, Firm News

When parents in Dublin divorce, they have still have accept the fact that despite the fact they are no longer married, they will still be connected to each other as they work together to raise their child. This means following their court ordered child custody and visitation plan, not speaking ill of their ex and attending important events in the child’s life together.

Oftentimes the initial court order for child support and visitation works well for quite a while. However, as a child ages, their needs change. The needs of a toddler are very different than the needs of an eight-year-old, and the needs of an eight-year-old are very different than the needs of a teenager. When such changes occur, parents may find that their initial child support and visitation order is no longer meeting their needs or the needs of their child.

When this happens, one or both parents may want to seek a modification of a child custody or visitation order from the court. Ohio requires parents who wish to change agreements to file the change with the court so that a decision can be made by a judge, but changing the agreement on their own is not acceptable. However, most parents are not familiar with family law proceeding like this. This is when the advice of an attorney can be essential.

At Gillespie Law, we know that significant changes in a parent’s life or a child’s life warrant a modification of a court order. We have experience in filing such modifications and we use this experience to develop a plan that meets the needs of both the parents and the child. Child custody and visitation modifications must be handled in a careful and creative manner. Experienced attorneys understand how to handle such requests and may be a useful resource.