Strong benefits of an out-of-court parenting plan

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Firm News

Children are affected by divorce. Though it may not be possible to change this fact, parents can work to decrease any negative effects.

Creating a proper parenting plan during the divorce processis one aspect that can help to achieve said goal. In creating a parenting plan, there are a few benefits to form it outside of court.


When parents choose to complete the parenting plan through the traditional divorce litigation process, they appoint the judge as the decision maker. While parties are able to plead their cases, the judge makes the final determination. On the other hand, when divorcing parents choose to complete the parenting plan out of court, they maintain control of the terms of the agreement. Particularly in regards to sensitive topics, such as determining the custody of children, having control can be ideal.


When parties can come to an agreement outside of court, it is usually a quicker process. It also allows them to avoid the court fees and set the meetings according to their own schedules. This makes the process quite efficient. As such, not only will parents save time, but they will also be able to save money and may find the process less stressful.

Healthy communication

Divorcing parents must continue to work together for the benefit of the children long after the end of the divorce. Working together to create a parenting plan aids co-parents in developing their new rhythm and a healthy mode of communication. This can be quite beneficial at times, such as when a parent requests adjustments or modifications, be it for a specific instance or long term.

These are the general benefits of an out-of-court parenting plan; however, depending upon the situation, there may be even more advantages available. Consider the benefits that an out-of-court parenting plan may present for you and your family.