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What is stepparent adoption?

The word "adoption" often causes Ohio residents to imagine scenarios in which individuals bring children into their homes to become a part of their families. Some adoptions involve the uniting of American parents with international children, while others may involve the creation of legal bonds between foster parents and the children they have cared for.

Who is the putative father in an adoption case?

It is not uncommon for couples in Ohio who hope to adopt a child to endure long waits as they prepare for the arrival of the child. In some cases, individuals may believe that they have been matched with a child only to find out later that the child, for one reason or another, will not be allowed to enter into their family. A common cause of failed adoptions is the emergence of putative fathers.

Special considerations for an international adoption

Although some Ohio residents choose to adopt children from within their own communities, others expand their searches for children to locations far and wide. International adoptions are popular in the United States, but those who wish to bring children home from other countries should be prepared to face special issues that will not apply to domestic adoption cases.

Understanding the difference between an open and closed adoption

It takes a special family to open its doors and hearts up to a child through the adoption process. Many Ohio parents have taken the plunge into the adoption world to expand their families and offer children new homes filled with love and support. There are a variety of ways that a person may seek a child through adoption, but this informational post will briefly cover an important distinction that may be relevant to domestic adoptions: open adoptions vs. closed adoptions.

The emotional aspects of adoption

In the middle of all the excitement, nervousness, and rushing to prepare for becoming adoptive parents, there is one aspect that can get pushed to the back burner, only to rear its difficult head on down the road. The emotional aspect. Without proper preparation and counseling prior to adoption, parents can find that there are so many things they were not ready for, nor ever expected.

Adopting a foster child

Though not necessary to become an adoptive family, housing a foster child prior to permanent adoption is a natural progression. Many families, in both Ohio and across the country, foster children for several years before making the decision to legally adopt. However, it is a misconception that if you foster a child you will eventually be offered the chance to adopt them.

Elements of adoption: The homestudy

Any individual or family who has ever considered adoption has most likely heard of a homestudy. On television and in movies, it is often portrayed as just a simple visit to make sure a house is clean. In reality it is much more than that, and is arguably the most essential element used by professionals to determine adoptive suitability. The homestudy is not only a tool for determining suitable living conditions for a child, but also forces an adoptive family to look within. Doing so allows them to make sure that adoption is a correct fit for the family as a whole.

November is National Adoption Month, with a focus on teens

When prospective parents in Ohio envision adopting a child, they may be envisioning bringing home a newborn infant. However, there are many older children who are in need of a permanent home and parents, especially teenagers. In fact, currently in the United States, nearly 12,500 children in need of adoptive parents are between the ages of 15 and 17.

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