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Dividing up property during an Ohio divorce

Anyone who has ever had to relocate and move their household to a new location can attest to the fact that individuals can acquire and accumulate "stuff" at an alarming rate. When an Ohio resident gets married and has children, that process can accelerate as there are more people in their household who are getting and keeping items of property. In the event that a marital partnership breaks down and heads to divorce, the parties may be forced to identify and distribute all of their property between them so that they can move their lives forward separately.

Facing the many aspects of a divorce in Ohio

A divorce is a difficult event for a family to endure and may impose stress and burden upon partners, parents and children. Just getting to the end of a contentious divorce may be the goal of a Dublin resident, but it is important that as a person works to end their legal relationship with their soon-to-be ex-spouse that they must also address a number of other important issues. Those issues can relate to how their money and property are divided up, as well as how their children will be cared for in the future.

How a prenuptial agreement may change the outcome of a divorce

As our readers of this Ohio-based family law and estate planning blog may know, the property that a person owns may have different classifications under the law. This is particularly true if they are marred; a spouse may have their own property that they do not share with their significant other and they may have property that they hold jointly with their husband or wife. In the event of a divorce, a person may find themselves fighting to prove that certain property is separate when their soon-to-be ex-spouse claims that it is shared.

Get answers to important divorce questions

It is a trend that may surprise some and may make sense to others: In January, more people file for divorce that in other months of the year. This is thought to happen because individuals want to get through the holidays without disrupting their families. It may also occur because some resolve to be happier in the New Year and experiencing more joy may mean letting go of a spouse.

Making good choices about divorce in 2019

With the coming of a new year, people think about goals they want to set for themselves and big changes they want to make in their lives. For some people, this means getting a divorce. Making the difficult decision to end a marriage can be painful, but for some people it is the best way to get out of a bad situation and get on the path to a happier and more productive life.

What are conciliation procedures under Ohio law?

Making the decision to end a marriage can be difficult for an Ohio resident. They may spend time weighing their options and attempting to make the best possible decision for themselves and their family. However, if they get to the point where they are prepared to divorce, then they may not wish to dwell on other options any longer than they must.

More money does not necessarily mean a more stable marriage

It is not uncommon for Ohio residents who choose to end their marriages to cite money as a contributor to their marital woes. It can be hard to keep a relationship going when the two parties to it differ on their views of how to save, where to spend, and what to prioritize in terms of financial management. It can also be hard for couples to settle their differences when they simply do not have enough money to do what they want and need.

Spousal support changes may only be made in special circumstances

Pursuant to an Ohio divorce, a court may order that one party to the proceedings pay the other spousal support. As previously discussed on this family law blog, spousal support is money given to one ex-spouse to the other. It may be mandated permanently or it may be ordered for a shorter duration of time.

Money problems are a major contributor to marital failure

A fight between two married people can stem from many possible topics. Ohio couples have disagreements about their kids, about their jobs and about their homes. They may argue about how much time they should dedicate to certain tasks and how much they should be able to ask of each other in order to preserve their marriages. One topic that is often the basis of martial fights concerns something that everyone actually needs in their life: money.

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