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Franklin County Criminal Defense Attorney

At Gillespie Law, LLC, our Franklin County criminal defense lawyer defends clients in a variety of criminal matters. This includes but is not limited to traffic violations, domestic violence charges and other misdemeanors. We provide thorough and cost-effective legal representation for our clients. Retaining an attorney to represent you may be more affordable than you think and may be very beneficial.

Can I Get My Traffic Ticket Reduced?

It depends. There are many factors that affect the legal options that a person has in traffic cases. All of these options should be explored in evaluating your options. The options also vary greatly from one court to the next, and also vary greatly with the type of charge or case you are involved in.

Why Do I Have To Pay Court Costs?

In most cases, unless all charges against you are dismissed and/or if you are found not guilty, defendants are assessed court costs in connection with each particular case. These costs can also vary from one court to the next since they are based upon each court’s expenses and respective budget. Many of these costs are also set for and/or provided in the Ohio Revised Code.

Am I Entitled To Driving Privileges If My License Has Been Suspended?

The answer to this question is, it also depends. Each court has a certain amount of discretion in deciding a request for driving privileges. There are different factors that each court takes into account. Normally when driving privileges are granted, they are for work or educational purposes only.

Contact Us To Ensure Your Rights Remain Protected

Choosing the right lawyer is your most important decision. For counsel that is compassionate and direct, contact us online or call 614-602-6297. From our offices in Dublin, we provide representation for individuals throughout central Ohio.

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